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Reuters / Kimimasa Mayama
500 Finish ph2.jpg
Smith shrugs at his bronze, Feng Kei congratulates Jo, Marc & Jonathan realize they've won!

The News.jpg
Marc, celebrating his gold, doesn't know yet - so Jonathan skates up to tell him he's won silver.

The News 2.jpg
"ARGENT!" (SILVER!), Jonathan shouts in French. Marc yells in happiness for his friend and his win.

Associated Press
Start To Hug.jpg
Then they both yell and hold their arms out to hug, celebrating their own and each other's victories

AFP-Corbis / Jacques Demarthon
Cheek-to-cheek Hug.jpg
Gold & Silver hugs! Overcome with joy, they hug each other, smile, and cry.

Associated Press
Silver Smiles for Camera ph2.jpg
A holler from Marc & a wave from Jonathan, smiling right into the camera!

Marc & Jo - Another Smile.jpg
Happy, HAPPY boys! Jo revels in Marc's win.

CP Photo / Tom Hanson
Jo Points at Marc After Win.jpg
Very selfless! Jo points at Marc & encourages the crowd to cheer more for Marc and his golden win.

La Presse / Bernard Brault
Biggest Yell Marc & Jo.jpg
A lifetime of work, culminating in this shot! No caption necessary. Their faces say it all!

Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Guy Hugs ph2.jpg
Jonathan hugs Guy Thibault, their team coach, and Marc collapses onto Guy's shoulder in tears.

Smiles Above Flag.jpg
Jonathan and Marc take a victory lap, holding Canada's flag.

Ethan Tweedie
Marc & Jonathan take in the crowd's cheers & carry their country's flag.


500m Podium

500m Semi-Final

500m Final


Olympics / Olympiques '02

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