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Getty Images / Donald Miralle
Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Jonathan Guilmette, 500m Olympic Silver Medalist, holds         Marc waves to the crowd after accepting his gold medal.
              up his roses & smiles at the cheering crowd.                                              Smith & Guilmette look on.

Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Marc holds his hand to his mouth & tears roll down his cheeks. Jo & Rusty proudly watch their flags.

CP Photo / Adrian Wyld
Marc shakes Jo's hand and invites him to the top of the podium after the playing of "Oh, Canada".

Ethan Tweedie
Medals Ceremony 2 ph2.jpg
The 3 Olympic Medalists stand atop the podium and enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

AFP / Doug Mills
Jo Podium 3 boys.jpg
L-R: Jonathan Guilmette, Marc Gagnon & Rusty Smith, Silver, Gold & Bronze medalists in the 500m.

La Presse / Bernard Brault
Up Close Marc Jo Medals.jpg
Marc and Jonathan hold up their 500m and 5000m medals



500m Semi-Final

500m Final

500m Celebration


Olympics / Olympiques '02

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