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Ethan Tweedie
Jo in 4th ph2.jpg
Rusty Smith, Marc Gagnon, Feng Kei and Jonathan Guilmette come out of the 2nd corner.

Ethan Tweedie
Top o' Jo's Head.jpg
Jonathan passes Kei and moves into 3rd place (he's at the bottom of the shot).

Photo Courtesy of
Jo 3rd Arm Swing Front.jpg
In 3rd place, Jonathan gives it all he's got, maintaining his position and technique.

Corbis - AFP / Timothy A. Clary
Olympic 500 ph2.jpg
Gagnon and Guilmette skate in 2nd & 3rd place ½ way through the race - Smith in 1st, not pictured.

Ethan Tweedie
Corner 3rd.gif
Smith, Gagnon, Guilmette, Feng, all skate hard to win.

Photo Courtesy of
Rusty Leads.jpg
Marc sets up a pass, as Jonathan holds a tight corner, keeping Kei from passing.

Getty Images / Mike Powell
Rusty Slip Canada Passes ph2.jpg
A tiny slip from Rusty, and Marc takes the opening. Jonathan stays right on their heels.

Marc Passes Rusty.jpg
With ½ a lap to go and a burst of speed, Gagnon grabs the lead, with Jo close behind.

Corbis / Kimimasa Mayama
500 Finish ph2.jpg
At the line, Jonathan extends his leg and gets his blade tip across .033 seconds before Rusty.
Smith shrugs at his bronze, Feng Kei congratulates Jo, and Marc & Jonathan realize they've won gold & silver!!



500m Celebration

500m Qualifier & Quarter-Final

500m Semi-Final

500m Podium


Olympics / Olympiques '02

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