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Rink Outside Day ph2.jpg
The venue, swarming with vehicles and people in the daytime.
Rink Inside.jpg
A look at the arena when it was empty.

FinishLynx by Cyberscoreboard
5000m Heat Russia.jpg
First round of the 5000m, Jo skates across the line first! Arian Nachbar looks right in the camera.

FinishLynx by Cyberscoreboard
5000m Semis Russia.jpg
A second-place finish moves Canada through the semis to the finals.

FinishLynx by Cyberscoreboard
5000m Final Russia.jpg
WOW! By only .017 seconds, China gets first. Canada takes home the 5000m silver.
Rink Outside Night.jpg
Good night, St. Petersburg! The venue lit up by the night lights.

The 5000m relay, in which Canada won the silver, was Jonathan's only distance raced in St. Petersburg.  The cool thing about this competition, was that there was a Russian website with live video of the races!  Click the link below if you'd like to browse through a fun site.  It's all in Russian, but hey!  You can still understand a lot from the pictures.

St. Petersburg Online

World Cup
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