5000m Celebration
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AFP / Lionel Cironneau
Group Hug Gold.jpg
Group Hug! Canada wins the 5000m relay race!! Jo is on the left.

AFP Photo / Timothy Clary
Group Hug Jo Back ph2.jpg
The hugging continues. (Jonathan's back is to the camera.)

Getty Images / Mike Powell
Group Hug Jo ph2.jpg
Jonathan smiles at his teammates as they congratulate each other and the crowd applauds.

Associated Press
Jonathan skates just behind his country's flag, holding the bottom of it.

Associated Press
There he is! Jonathan gets in front of Canada's flag & skates with his winning team.

AFP / Doug Mills
Team Canada Jo Congrats Mathieu.jpg
François-Louis Tremblay, Mathieu Turcotte, Jonathan Guilmette & Marc Gagnon skate & celebrate.

AFP - Corbis / John MacDougall
Group Flag Smile ph2.jpg
Victory lap with the flag! Turcotte, Guilmette, Tremblay & Gagnon are all smiles.

Getty Images / Donald Miralle
Group Helps Marc with Helmet ph2.jpg
Laughing, Mathieu helps Marc remove his helmet, which he seems to have forgotten he's still wearing.

AFP / Doug Mills
High Fives.jpg
Mathieu Turcotte & Eric Bédard hug, Gagnon high fives his coach & Jonathan gets congratulated.



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