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5000m FINAL

AFP - Corbis / John MacDougall
Exchange ph2.jpg
Marc Gagnon pushes off to Jonathan in the 5000m relay final.

Getty Images / Donald Miralle
Jonathan focuses all his energy in the crossover

Jonathan coolly leads the pack, leaning into the corner.

Ethan Tweedie
Big Exchange ph2.jpg
Marc Gagnon pushes off to Jonathan. Apolo Ohno exchanges to Dan Weinstein.

AFP - CAN, CHI, USA & ITA exchanging to next man
Relay Final All 4 Teams.jpg
Jo is pushed free, just before Chinese skater catches Marc's skate, knocking Marc to the ice.

Reuters - Corbis / Kimimasa Mayama
Jonathan Leads Apolo ph2.jpg
Apolo Anton Ohno tries with all he's got to catch Jonathan, but to no avail.

AFP / Jacques Demarthon
Marc Pushes Jo.jpg
Another exchange from Marc to Jo. Apolo Ohno in background.

Getty Images / Donald Miralle
Jo Alone.jpg
By the end, Canada is so far in the lead that no one trails Jo. In 6:51.579, Canada takes the Gold!



5000m Celebration

5000m Podium


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