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Noelle Neu
The skaters line up for the semifinals, Jo sniffs and temporarily turns his attention to his right.

Noelle Neu
"Go to the start." Jo carefully places his blade parallel to the starting line.

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Italy wc sf 02.jpg
Jonathan qualifies for the 1500m finals!

Noelle Neu
A couple of pensive boys, Jonathan and Apolo look at the ice and prepare themselves for the final.

Noelle Neu
And they're off! Jonathan gets a great start and skates out of the photographer's frame.

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WOW! By a blade tip and only 6/100ths of a second, Jonathan beats Fabio Carta for the bronze!!!
L-R: Jean-François Monette (Silver), Apolo Anton Ohno (Gold), and Jonathan Guilmette (Bronze)

Noelle Neu
Bormio 500 Final Jo Looks Up.jpg
Jonathan smacks his thighs to stay loose while waiting to go to the line for the 500m final.
He placed 5th in this distance.
Jonathan (Center, helmet cover # 16) lines up with the other skaters for the 3000m.
The skaters start the 3000m out slowly, to conserve energy.
Jonathan glides around the corner in 3rd place.

Noelle Neu
Bormio 3000m Jo 5th Ph2.jpg
In the 3000m final, Jonathan skates with the pack in 5th.

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And he finishes the 3000m race in 5th.
Hey! He looks pretty good with a gold medal around his neck, eh?

Overall, this was a pretty good competition for Jonathan.  In the 1000m, he was barely eliminated in the semi-finals by a mere 14/100ths of a second!  In the 500m, he made the finals, placing 5th and gaining 5 points, and he placed high enough overall to make the 3000, in which he also placed 5th.  Oh.  And did I mention the relay?  See the picture to the right, and the one below?  GOLD!  (Well, this IS Team Canada we're talking about, here!)  So going home with a Bronze and a Gold?  Well done!!
Italy (Silver), Canada (Gold), and Germany (Bronze). In the back row, Jonathan holds up his flowers.
Jo, François-Louis and Mathieu crack up about something. Always havin' a good time on the podium.
Top skaters in the competition pose with their "prize money". Front row, sitting on far left, is Jo.

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