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Photo Submitted by Noelle Neu
By The Boards3.jpg
Amélie, Jonathan and Frédéric watch by the boards as Jean-François, Jeff and François-Louis race.
Blade Guard.jpg
Jonathan tends to his blades' protection.

Jerry Search
Just Skates.jpg
Jonathan leads the relay, and all you can see is part of his helmet, back, and a skate!

Jerry Search
Just Skates Again.jpg
Ah the price of being the leader. With everyone behind you, only your feet show in photographs!

Jerry Search
Jeff to Jo Exchangeph2.jpg
Skating onto the track, Jo checks the competition and waits for "Jeff" Monette to exchange to him.

Reuters / Steve Wilson
Jo Leads Alex.jpg
Jonathan leads Alex Izykowski . . . and the race! Team Canada wins gold by almost 8 full seconds!!!

Carl Hacking
Jonathan (left) carries Canada's flag and Jean-François Monette skates a victory lap with him.

Carl Hacking
Team Canada skates with their country's flag. Jonathan wears helmet cover # 313.

Jerry Search
Relay Handshake.jpg
Teams USA, China and Canada congratulate each other - Jo is on the far right.
After the race, Jonathan takes time out to talk to the fans.

Salt Lake City was a very interesting World Cup for a variety of reasons.  Ignited by the excitement of the sport in the 2002 Olympics, Americans turned out in record numbers to watch short track.  Also, the Chinese sent their B team, which was nothing, if not a force to be reckoned with.  Unfortunately, due to stomach trouble, Jonathan was not to skate any of the distances that he was scheduled for, except for the 5000m relay.  But he made that one distance count, and together, they took home the Gold!

World Cup
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