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Radio Canada Sports / Jean-Patrick Balleux
Le Centre Georges-Vézina - the venue where the 6th World Cup of the 2002/2003 season took place

Photo from
Ticket to the ISU World Cup in Chicoutimi, Québec, 2003

INFOTO - Patrick McKoy
Jonathan tears around the corner in his 1500m heat. Look at him go!

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And he comes in first in his 1500m heat.

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First again in his semi-final race.

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Woo-hoo! Jo snags the 1500m Bronze Medal!

Radio Canada Sports / Jean-Patrick Balleux
Ohno (silver), Li (Gold) & Guilmette (bronze) pose for photographers & show off their 1500m medals.

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Jonathan glides across the line, easily taking the 500m heat.

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There he goes, taking another 1st place finish in the 500m quarterfinals.

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How about 1st again in the semi-finals? Ok!!

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YES! Jo beats out Ohno and Lee for the 500m gold! Yiheeeeee!!!

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YES! Another gold! Jonathan takes the 3000m!!

Radio Canada Sports / Jean-Patrick Balleux
Women Frédérick and Coaches.jpg
The team & coaches hold a press conference - In the back row, second from left, Jonathan looks happy

Radio Canada Sports / Jean-Patrick Balleux
A demure smile at the press conference

Radio Canada Sports / Jean-Patrick Balleux
Kids show off their basic position for their idols at an autograph signing in Chicoutimi

INFOTO - Patrick McKoy
Who's that guy with a gold medal around his neck? And the one skating in the background picture?

All in all, this was Jonathan's best World Cup of the 2002-2003 circuit.  In fact, in his words, ''This was the best weekend of my career in the World Cup.  This is what my confidence needed.''  He got an individual Bronze in the 1500m, anchored his team in the final for a relay Silver in the 5000m, and won two . . . TWO individual gold medals - in both the 500m and the 3000m!  And what a great place to do it all . . . so near his hometown, on Canadian soil, with the home crowd cheering him on.  EXCELLENT skating!!

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