Olympic Trials Date and Location Announced
Thursday, July 7, 2005
I know it may seem a little early, but I want to make sure that everyone has lots of time to participate and make their own, special creation for Jonathan if they want to. That being so stated ...

The Olympic Trials are coming to Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, September 1-11 of this year!!!  This is when Jo will give it his all to make the Olympic team for his country.

Whether or not you attend, there are lots of ways you can be with Jonathan during this time and show him that you support him in his quest to get to Torino in 2006.   Select one or all of the below ways to contribute!

Send a good luck letter, card or email.  I am making a "Road to Torino Scrapbook" for Jonathan, and all the cards, emails and letters that you send will be put into it.  I will present it to him sometime during the trials, and the deadline to get items in is August 20, 2005. Include a picture of yourself, a poem, a drawing, or anything you want.  Just make sure that whatever you send is flat, no larger than 10 x 10 inches, and that nothing is on the back of the item so that it can be glued into the scrapbook.  Include your full name and email address with your submission (either on the item itself or include it on a small note with the item).  I will put your name and email address on the page where your item appears so that Jonathan will know who sent it.  If you send the email to, then I will print it out and include it in the scrapbook.

Burn a CD for him with music you think will inspire him.  Make sure that you put it in a box or protective envelope or holder.  Boxed CD's will be given to him separately from the scrapbook.  CD's in envelopes will be included in the scrapbook.  Include your name and email address with that, too.

Sign the electronic card by clicking on the link at:

Send a large sign made of fabric.  (I'm checking to make sure that I can hang them up in the arena.)  If I can, make sure there are rings on all the corners so that it can be hung up with string behind the bleachers.  The reason that the signs must be made of fabric and not paper is that if I take them to the trials in a suitcase, I will have to be able to fold and pack them.  The letters on your sign should be 12 inches tall or more so that he can read them from the ice.  If you want your sign back, please include an envelope or box to return it along with an international money order to cover mailing it back to you.   I cannot guarantee that he'll have time, but if he does, I will ask Jonathan to autograph the sign before it is sent back to you.  I will also take pictures of the signs when they're up and post the shots on the website.  Signs that do not come with a money order for return postage will be discarded after the trials.

Send a small, good luck gift.  His birthday is August 18th, so if you send a gift no larger than 6 x 6 x 6 inches for the trials and/or his birthday, I will be able to pack it into my bag and take it directly to him.  Please do not send heavy or fragile items, as I cannot guarantee safe transport.  They may or may not go in my carry-on bag on the airplane (this depends on how many gifts arrive).

Again, please note that the deadline for submissions is August 20th, 2005, and I will send a reminder near the deadline.  If you are shipping internationally, please make sure to ship whatever you send by the first part of August to assure that it arrives on time.  Please write to if you want the address to ship gifts and letters to, as I didn't feel comfortable putting my home address on the web.

Thanks for supporting Jo and showing him that you care!
Trials information courtesy of:  Mark Mathies of Speed Skating Canada


Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
Two lucky winners of the autographed poster contest have been chosen!  They both found Jo in the picture and have been notified via email that their posters are on the way.  Thanks to the many participants in the contest who sent in their guesses -- in fact, every entrant found and correctly identified him in the photo.  True fans, every one of you!  For those who may not have found Jo/entered the contest, the photo below has him outlined with a black box, and to see who the winners are, click the photo below.  A new contest is coming soon, so hold tight for your new chance to win!

Photo Courtesy of Christine Estacio -


Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Well folks, you asked, and Raymonde Guilmette, Jonathan's mother, has come through for us all!  Are you sitting down?  Good!  Because not only did she grant an hour & a half interview that will be posted in 3 parts on the site VERY, very soon ... SHE SENT BABY PICTURES, everything from 4 days old to 4 years old!  She sent 18 photos total up to age 16, and the others will be up, soon with the interview.  To see the first round of adorable baby (and young childhood) photos of Jonathan, click on the adorable baby photo below, or visit the "Photo Gallery/Galerie de Photos" and click on the "Oh, Baby!" link.
Also, Holly from (and a great member of this site, too) suggested the idea for something like "The Hotness Hall of Fame" that she has for Jeremy on her website.  I have taken her advice and have created a photo album called "Hot Shots" which is a Best-of-the-Best photo album -- the best shots ever taken of Jonathan.  If you think a particular photo is worthy of being called a "Hot Shot", please send it to or let me know which one it is on this site, and you may see it in that album soon.  To view this album, click on the photo of Jo looking a bit sly (below the baby picture), and it will take you there, or visit the Photo Gallery/Galerie de Photos page and click on "HOT SHOTS!" 
Enjoy these pictures, and thanks so much to both Mrs. Guilmette for sending the photos, and to Jo for giving his permission to publish them.  As he said when asked about the Oh Baby! album, "Sure!  You can put up pictures of me from then.  I was a cute baby!"  (Modest, too.)  ;o)

Photo Submitted By Raymonde Guilmette
Sweet Baby Jo, with his favorite truck on Christmas Morning

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Galvez
Jo shoots a "you ain't seen nothin' yet" kind of look at the crowd just before his race