This album is a collection of the very best photographs of Jonathan ever taken, a fan favorites page.  If you have a really great picture of Jo and want it on this page or think that a particular photo from another album is worthy of the title "Hot Shot", write to info@JonathanGuilmette.comtell me which one(s) you think should be on here (or send your own) and you just might see YOUR Hot Shot on here soon!


Getty Images / Mike Powell
Perfect Arm Swing Eyes ph2.jpg
Eyes on The Prize - pure concentration and gorgeous arm swing bring Jonathan closer to his goal.

Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Cool Crossover ph2.jpg
I think this is the coolest shot of Jo's determination EVER! Look at that great crossover!

Marc & Jo - Another Smile.jpg
Happy, HAPPY boys! Jo revels in Marc's win.

La Presse / Bernard Brault
Biggest Yell Marc & Jo.jpg
A lifetime of work, culminating in this shot! No caption necessary. Their faces say it all!

CP Photo / Adrian Wyld
Marc shakes Jo's hand and invites him to the top of the podium after the playing of "Oh, Canada".

AFP / Doug Mills
Jo Podium 3 boys.jpg
L-R: Jonathan Guilmette, Marc Gagnon & Rusty Smith, Silver, Gold & Bronze medalists in the 500m.

Associated Press
Team Canada Gold Better Shot.jpg
Hey, Mum! Look what I made at school today!

Relay Medals Best Shot Yet.jpg
Jo, Eric, Mathieu, Marc & François-Louis - oh so happy!

Golden Boys Look Up and Smile.jpg
Guilmette, Tremblay, Bédard, Turcotte & Gagnon - The Olympic 5000m Golden Boys!

AFP - Corbis / John MacDougall
Group Flag Smile ph2.jpg
Victory lap with the flag! Turcotte, Guilmette, Tremblay & Gagnon are all golden smiles.

AFP / Doug Mills
Group Shot Gold Posed.jpg
Olympic Relay medal winners - Jo laughs & . . . is he hitting Li Jiajun in the head with his roses?

Jean Marini
Mathieu Turcotte, Jeff Scholten, Eric Bédard, Jean-François Monette, Jonathan Guilmette pose & smile
After the race, Jonathan takes time out to talk to the fans.

INFOTO - Patrick McKoy
Jonathan tears around the corner in his 1500m heat. Look at him go!

Photo Courtesy of Christine Estacio
Jo holds his gloves and thinks about the skating ahead as he starts his warm-up

Photo Courtesy of Christine Estacio
Jonathan Guilmette waits for the signal at the starting line - I just LOVE that game face!!

Photo by Tony Field
Who wants it? Jonathan tempts the crowd with a toy moments before tossing it into a sea of fans

Photo by Noelle Neu
More smiles from the 500m winners

Alison Gilkes
Left to right: Jonathan Guilmette, Ahn Hyun-Soo and Song Suk-Woo; 1500m silver, gold and bronze

Photo by Noelle Neu
Jonathan checks over his shoulder to make sure that Germany isn't gaining on him.

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Galvez
Jonathan shoots a look at the crowd as if to say, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Photo Courtesy of Nick or Susan, from Ohnozone
Canada's answer to Joe Cool ... Jo Cool!

Photo Submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
Jonathan relaxes and looks out at the waves while on vacation in Cuba, 2004.