Saturday, April 9, 2005
As promised in the news story below, the photo album from the World Team Championships last year in St. Petersburg, Russia, is now up.  A special thanks to the gal who sent in the photos who wishes to be called simply, "Olga from Russia".  She got some nice shots of Jonathan in the relay final of that competition and sent them in this week, thinking we might all like to see them.  Boy, was she right!!!  She also got nice podium and check presentation ceremony pictures and even sent in a shot of a statue in St. Petersburg.  Thanks so much for your input, Olga!  It's really appreciated.
If you've attended a competition, even if it's not a recent one, please send your photographs to  We all enjoy seeing them, and it helps make the site and Jo's "career in photos" more complete.  To see the album, you know what to do!  Click on the photo below and enjoy.

Photo By "Olga from Russia"
Jo looks toward the straightaway, right on Ahn's heels, looking for a chance to pass


Friday, April 8, 2005
Jonathan recently went on vacation to Singapore and Malaysia with Steve Robillard and François-Louis Tremblay, two of his teammates from Canada.  They went fishing, laid in the hammock, drank coconut milk and ate mangos.  Sounds like a good time (and a well-deserved break after a long, hard season)!  Jo sent lots of pictures of the great time they had, but a word of caution for those who have weak stomachs or are vegetarians:  the photographs show the guys with fish on the line and there's a shot of one of the fish on the deck of the boat.  It's a beautiful, tropical fish and most will find it a lovely album, I just wanted to tell you all in advance so that no one is shocked.  (Don't worry, though, none of the photos are gory.)
In addition to the fourteen photos that Jonathan sent from the trip, he wrote a journal entry about the time he spent with his friends and talked about the World Championships and World Team Championships. 
To read the journal entry, click on the first photo, below.  To see the photo album, click on the second photo below.  There are also links to the album from the journal and vice-versa.
Jonathan said that he has photos from Korea, China and a recent Canadian ski trip that he took and that these will be here shortly.  As well, a wonderful member of the site, Olga from Russia, sent in photos from last year's World Team Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia, so that photo album will be up soon, too!  We'll soon have more photos than we know what to do with.  Enjoy this round!

Photo Submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
No tropical vacation is complete without a bit of coconut milk. Now THIS is living!

Photo Submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
Jonathan kicks back and relaxes in a hammock on the beach. Ahhh ... this is the life!