Friday, April 8, 2005     13:55 EST
Hi everyone,

The end of the is here season already.  It was very short for me since I started training pretty late.  But it was a good season anyway.  I was not expecting to be at this level so fast, not with the amount of training I did and the kind of mood I was in this year.  I wanted to take it really easy because of my injury and all that.  So that's exactly what I did and I am very happy that I did it.  It gave me a little rest physically and mentally.  Now I feel ready and I am more motivated than ever. 
I've already started weight training (because I did not do much this year).  I want to regain my strength in my muscles, something that was lacking this year.  We will start skating on the ice the 1st of May. It's very early but since our Olympic Trials are in September, we don't have the choice.  It will be a long season, but since I took the last one pretty smooth, I'm ready for it.
I want to congratulate my teamates who skated so well in Korea to win the World Team Championship.  I was there to see them even if I was #6 (the team alternate).  They [Speed Skating Canada] brought me there for the trainings.  It was an honor for me to help them during training in Asia.  I also want to congratulate my good friend François-Louis Tremblay who skated very solid in Beijing.  He was very constant throughout the weekend.  After 2 years out of the top 5 in Canada, he finished 3rd in the World.  What a strong comeback to prove to everybody that he was still one of the best in the world. 
After a very hard 2 weeks of competitions, we (the team) went to Singapore for a week of vacation to relax.  It's a very nice city, but after a 3 days, I wanted to go to Malaysia since it was very close from where we were and I wanted to go on an Island in the middle of the sea.  So François-Louis ("Flou") and Steve Robillard came with me there. 
We had lots of fun there, and it was a good place to relax on the beach.  We went fishing.  Flou caught 2 fish so we could eat them for lunch.  He's not only a good skater, but a very good fisherman.  ;-) A man from a small restaurant there cooked them for us.  It was amazing.  The food was very good there: mangos and coconuts growing right on the beach.
I think I could live like that.  ;-)
I'll give more news soon,

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Photo Submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
Jonathan kicks back and relaxes in a hammock on the beach. Ahhh ... this is the life!