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500m Heat Korea.jpg
A finish line shot of Jo in the 500m. Unfortunately, he was DQ'd in the first round.

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1000m Heat Korea ph2.jpg
In his 1000m heat, Jonathan crossed the line first.

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1000m QF Korea ph3.jpg
Being second across the line advances Jonathan from the quarterfinals to the semis.

FinishLynx by
1000m Semi DQ Korea ph2.jpg
Aw, bummer! Another DQ in the semifinals of the 1000m.

FinishLynx by
1500m Heat Korea.jpg
2nd is a great finish in the 1500m heat. Jonathan advances to the semifinals.

FinishLynx by
1500m Semi Korea.jpg
Jonathan makes it to the finals with this finish in the semifinals race.
Sorry, but there wasn't a shot of his 5th place finish in the finals.
FinishLynx by Cyberscoreboard
5000m Heat Korea.jpg
This was the heat that qualified Canada for the semis in the 5000m.
Jonathan anchored Canada through the semis and finals for a gold finish in the relay!
Chuncheon was a bumpy meet for Jonathan, with a DQ in the 500m and 1000m.  In the 1500m and 3000m he did better with two 5th place finishes in the finals, and he led Canada to a team Gold in the relay, keeping the dominating home team from sweeping the golds.
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