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Getty Images / Mike Powell
Perfect Arm Swing Eyes ph2.jpg
Eyes on The Prize - pure concentration and gorgeous arm swing bring Jonathan closer to his goal.

Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Cool Crossover ph2.jpg
Satoru Terao is so far in the lead that he's not in this shot, but Jo skates hard to catch him!

Satoru Jo Apolo Kei.jpg
Saturo keeps an amazing pace and leads the early laps. Jonathan, Apolo and Feng Kei pursue him.

Getty Images / Mike Powell
Jo Sizes Up Satoru Semis ph2.jpg
Jonathan sizes up Satoru, setting him up to make a pass.

Getty Images / Mike Powell
Jo Leads Semis ph2.jpg
Guilmette takes the lead! He takes a wide corner, though, leaving room for Terao to pass.

Getty Images / Adam Pretty
Semis Satoru Leads ph.jpg
And pass he does! Terao grabs the lead, & now he takes a wide corner, leaving room for Jo to pass.

AP / Doug Mills
Semis 2.jpg
And Jonathan takes the lead again. Ohno taps Terao in an attempted pass when there is no room.

AFP / Doug Mills
Jo Leads 500 Semi Final.jpg
Terao starts to fall and Ohno tries to back off, but too late. Jonathan skates on.

AFP / Doug Mills
Satoru Falls.jpg
Terao slides toward the wall, Ohno loses steam. Jo takes the corner, avoids the disaster behind him.

Skate like Hell! Turn Left! AFP
Jo Satoru Falls AAO Feng.jpg
Jo picks up speed out of the last corner & wins the race. Terao is advanced and Ohno is DQ'd.



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