Saturday, February 18, 2006  20:30 EST
Hi everyone,
Sorry I did not write before ....
I am enjoying the Games so far.  We did our semi-final of the relay and everything went smoothly.  We arrived in Torino on the 3rd of Feburary, so we were able to skate twice a day until the Opening Ceremonies, and we had the opportunity to train on the "Big" rink (competition Rink: Palavela) a lot.  Got to know the ice there.  It's pretty good.  Not so fast, but good grip and not too breaky.

Before the semi-final I did not go out of the Olympic Village a lot.  No time for sightseeing.  But in the last 2 days I went to eat in some little restaurants in town.  There's some good pizza here... ;-)  After awhile you get bored to eat at the cafeteria everyday.  So far our team is doing pretty good. We have 1 medal so far, two 4th places and a 6th... Not too bad... Still some good results to come tonight I hope.  I will be cheering from the stands for my teamates.

My only other event is the final of the relay on the 25th, so I have a lot of time to rest and be ready for that, even if I don't know if I will be skating the final.  Because we have 5 great skaters on our team, it's hard for the coach to choose the 4 that will skate.

Two days ago we went to the medal plaza to see Anouk get her medal.  We stayed after that to see Jamiroquai play live on stage and we were right in front of the stage ... a great night.
I'll give you more news soon,
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