2nd Bormio Journal Entry
Friday, November 11, 2005
Day two of the World Cup and Olympic Qualifier showed Canada in great standing!  While Jonathan skated the semifinal, helping Team Canada to a 1st place finish in that race in 6:49.46, Eric Bedard won a silver medal in the 500m.  (Charles Hamelin won a bronze in the 1500m on day one of competition.)
Then, on day three, Team Canada came in 4th in the relay, almost 9 seconds behind the bronze-winning U.S. Team.  I have found no reports yet, stating what happened.  Usually there is a slip or a fall that causes a team to come in that many seconds later than the rest.
I don't have the overall classification so far in World Cup competition for Jonathan (or any of the other Canadian men either, save Turcotte) because has been omitting all Canadian men, except for Mathieu, from all of the overall rankings all season.  I'm not sure why, but I've written to them to ask them to update/correct their site.  When it is corrected, I can let you know Jo's overall standing.  As far as his 1500m for the Olympics is concerned, he's just a few races away from assuring himself a spot at the Games for the distance.  Next weekend's races in the distance will determine qualification.
In the meantime, click November / Novembre 2005 and read the newest journal entry from Jo about his skating in Bormio, fresh off the presses!


Friday, November 11, 2005
In Bormio and in The Hague, Canada must have 3 skaters in the top 8 in a distance for all three skaters to skate that distance in the Olympics.  Well, they did that in the 1500m today in Bormio, with Charles Hamelin getting a bronze in the distance, Mathieu Turcotte coming in 4th and Jonathan Guilmette in 7th for the distance!  Half way there for the1500m!  If these 3 can stay in the top 8, which they are completely capable of doing, then they will all three skate the 1500m at the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy in February of 2006.  I believe they can do it!
Jonathan's on track (pun not intended) to skate in the Olympics, and I say well done thus far.  Continued good luck to Jonathan and Team Canada as they skate their 5000m semifinal against China, Germany and Italy tomorrow.  They have already beat Belgium and France in their relay heat and then Australia, Great Britain and the Netherlands in their relay quarterfinal. 
As promised, here is the schedule for racing, courtesy of ohnozone.

Day 1: 1500m, Relay Prelims
Friday, November 11th, 2005, at 11:20am
Eastern Time: 05:20 AM
Central Time: 04:20 AM
Mountain Time: 03:20 AM
Pacific Time: 02:20 AM

Day 2: 500m, Relay Semifinals
Saturday, November 12th, 2005, at 11:00am
Eastern Time: 05:00 AM
Central Time: 04:00 AM
Mountain Time: 03:00 AM
Pacific Time: 02:00 AM

Day 3: 1000m, Relay Finals, 3000m
Sunday, November 13th, 2005, at 10:30am
Eastern Time: 04:30 AM
Central Time: 03:30 AM
Mountain Time: 02:30 AM
Pacific Time: 01:30 AM

And here are some photos I was able to find on-line from Bormio.  More are forthcoming I hope, as I hear tell fans are in Bormio, snap-snap-snapping away.  (By the way, for those who've been asking, the photos and videos from Korea are delayed as our Korean Correspondent is in the throes of University exams and only took a break briefly from skating to watch a bit of skating.  As soon as her exams are complete, she promises to send them in for all of us to view).  For the nonce, enjoy these few I found from Bormio.

Photographer unknown / Click photo for more info
Steve Robillard, Flou Tremblay, and Jonathan Guilmette warm up before the 1500m

Photo by FinishLynx from Cyberscoreboard
Jonathan wins his 1500m heat with ease

Photo by FinishLynx from Cyberscoreboard
Jonathan clears the finish line again in his quarterfinal 1500m race

Photo by FinishLynx from Cyberscoreboard


Link to Bormio Short Track Website Added
November 7, 2005
He's done it again!  With only 2 days left until the Olympic Qualifiers begin in Bormio, Italy, Jonathan has kept us in the loop by sending in 3 photos and a journal entry to accompany it.  All I can say is, I wish I was in Bormio!  That place is gorgeous!!  Click November / Novembre 2005 to read the entry and see the pictures.
Race schedules and times will be posted in the next few days (as soon as they are posted on, and Jo will be skating the 1500m and relay again for Canada!  Good luck, Jonathan.
To check for results and photos as they are posted, check the Bormio Short Track website at  This site is in Italian and English, and you can even see pictures of Jo from back in 2002 there!

Photo submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
Morning just outside Jonathan's hotel room in Bormio, Italy