Thursday, October 20, 2005

After many months of your patient waiting, the Video Clips page is up!  This is something that I worked on for some time (loading them onto the site was the problem), but I've got it all working now.  Located just below the Photo Gallery/Galerie de photos button on the main menu, all the mini-videos I took in Saguenay are there, plus a REALLY cool one I found on CBC that came out just before the last Olymics.  It features Jonathan in a news report about short track and the Canadian Olympic Team.  There's also some cool stuff about Gaéton Boucher (Jonathan's skating idol during his childhood) in both English and French. More videos will be added as they are submitted by you, the fans!  If you want your videos of Jonathan to be added to the site, please submit them in .mpg, .mpeg, .mov or .avi formats to  Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Also, the promised Olympic Trials Photo Album is up.  No skating shots are there, as my camera couldn't capture them, but a nice little collection of photos of Jonathan can be found by clicking Olympic Trials, 2005.

As well, the Nagano Olympics Photo Album has been posted.  Ever wondered what Jo looked like back in 1998 at his first Olympics?  Well now you can find out!  Click on Nagano - The Alternate to see the shots.  Jo's mom sent in the photos.  Thanks, Raymonde!

Also, our most recent contest winners have been announced.  Congratulations to Olga Y. of Russia, Lanna L. of Canada and Saskia von H. of the Netherlands.  They have all been contacted and have claimed their prizes.  They correctly named the seasons in which Jonathan wore the different skin suits pictured on the CONTESTS! page.  See the answers for yourself by visiting the page.

While you're on that page, please join our next contest!  Win an autographed 8x10, glossy photograph of Jonathan skating for creating and submitting the best idea for our next contest!
As well, the winning idea will be used as our next contest.  Details on how to join can be found by clicking on the CONTESTS! page.  Good luck to all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Running a website is a big responsibility.  Running it in two languages is even more challenging.  This website has become large enough in recent months that it's now necessary to have a larger staff, and I'm pleased to announce that a new member was appointed today.
Please give a warm welcome to your new Deputy Webmistress, Marjolaine Moreau of Québec, Canada!!  She has been submitting content for the site in French for some time now, and although her work has not been visible much so far, it will be soon.  In addition to her translating work, she will be creating wallpapers, backgrounds, photo montages and more surprises that even I don't know about yet, but I can assure you, it will all be great!  Marjolaine has been following Jonathan's career for several years and was going to start a 2nd website for him, but at his suggestion, she and I will join forces to make his existing site more comprehensive and broad in scope.  I look forward to the unique ideas that Marjolaine has for the site and the updated look she will contribute to many pages of the site.  Please join me in welcoming her on, and thanks, Marjolaine!  I know you'll be just GREAT!!!  Jonathan will be better-represented with your input, and all his fans around the world now have even more reasons to come here for the latest and very best on Jonathan.  Here's to you.  Welcome, and well-done!



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Sunday, October 9, 2005
Well here we go!  More video, folks!  The fabulous MBC website has now posted 2 more days of video!  You won't likely see Jonathan in it if they haven't posted the relay, (as they didn't on the first day of competition), but you can watch lots of other great skating.
The instructions remain the same:
ISU ========= (========)300k ←Click here
user ID - ngcoming
password - ch0224

Note - I had to use IE browser and install a bunch of plugins and a security upgrade before the video would actually play. This can be tricky when you don't read Korean! Just keep saying yes (hit enter) every time you get a prompt until the video starts after 3 or 4 times.

As well, please note the dates.  Jonathan skated the 1500m on the 7th of October, and the dates are listed as 2005-10-07, 2005-10-08 and 2005-10-09 on the website.  The password and login are the same for all 3 videos.

Also, the Stats / Résultats page has been updated to reflect updated personal bests as well as where Jonathan's P.B.'s stand in the world record listing.  In addition, his 2005 statistics are now posted.  For those of you who like to keep track by the numbers, this one's for you!

Last, I'm looking for some ideas from all of you about how we might update the look of the site a bit and add exciting content.  The first thing I am doing is updating the site in French (thanks to our fabulous translator, Marjolaine, Moreau).  When the Olympics roll around (not too long from now), I want to have the site updated to reflect Jonathan as completely as possible.  Now that his favorite movie is no longer Star Wars, I'd like to make a few small changes.  The backgrounds will remain the same, I just want to change a few icons here and there and maybe add some more interactive features.

Have any ideas?  Have you created a wallpaper or some Buddy Icons that you'd like to see on the site?  Do you know of any fun games that we can use on the site that can be formatted to include Jonathan and his skating somehow?  Are there typos, factual errors or photos not showing on certain pages?  Please send them all in, along with any animated gifs you think might help the look of the site to  The deadline for idea submissions is December 31, 2005.

If your ideas are used, you'll get an autographed 5x7 of Jonathan!!!  There are no limits on how many people can win.  If 15 people submit ideas, for example, and all of their ideas are used, all 15 will get an autographed photo.

Thanks for your help!


Seoul, Korea
Saturday Night, October 8, 2005
A quick note before starting tonight's news story.  If you have trouble signing on to see the video to which I linked below -- it starts showing, then stops, gives you lots of characters and a key icon -- just click out of it, log into it again, and as soon as it starts playing, click forward on the bar at the bottom of the screen with your mouse and drag it to another part of the video.  Then you can go back later to watch the rest of the video without trouble, usually.  Due to a lot of people watching it simultaneously, MBC is evidently having some issues with traffic. 
Also, to make video viewing easier, if you are looking for Jonathan's races on the video, he appears about 25 minutes in, at about an hour and 28 minuts and at an hour and 56 minutes.  When Jo fell and was advanced in the semis, the slow-motion viewing looks like Li Jiajun of China just caught a bad patch of ice, fell forward, and his hand caught the back of Jo's skate completely by accident, causing the fall.  Just a bit of bum luck.  Below are the hours/minutes and the race you will be seeing. 
Quarterfinal --   25:30
Semifinal      --  128.30
Final              --  156:00
Make sure to watch after the races for a few minutes, as they show slow-motion replays and footage of Jonathan!
And now onto tonight's news.  While Jonathan wasn't a part of the relay team final, he got a bronze along with Hamelin, Turcotte, Bédard and Tremblay since he skated the quarterfinals and semifinals.  Woo-Hoo!  And that's when they are training super-hard and not supposed to be any kind of a medal threat!  That's some serious strength and teamwork, my friends.  Korea got gold and China got silver, with the United States finishing 4th.  Team Canada held the lead for 24 of the first 39 laps of the race, and they were in 2nd for the other 15.  At lap 40, they fell back to 3rd and went back and forth between 2nd and 3rd in the pack, holding in 3rd for the last 3 laps of the race.  The ladies also won a bronze in the relay for Team Canada.
World Cup competition resumes in Bormio, Italy on November 11th.  We'll have plenty going on here on the site in the meantime.  Ciao!


Korean Correspondent Update
Seoul, Korea
Saturday Morning, October 8, 2005
Team Canada made it through their semi-final in the 5000m relay in first place at the wee hours of the morning (on this side of the world, anyway) after a skating day fraught with disqualifications.  On the men's side alone in the 500m, a whopping EIGHT skaters were disqualified in one day of racing!!!!!  I wouldn't be surprised if that's a record.
Takahiro Fujimoto (Japan) and Jean-Charles Mattei (France) were DQ'd in the Preliminary Round.  Then, in the Heats, Rusty Smith (USA) was disqualified.  His FinishLynx photo is here:

Photo courtesy of FinishLynx and Cyberscoreboard
Rusty Smith of the U.S. comes across the line on his backside

In the Quarter-Finals, three of the four races run saw skaters booted!  Ho-Suk Lee (Korea) got disqualified in heat 1, then in heat 2, both Flou Tremblay (Canada) and Apolo Anton Ohno (USA) got the boot as well and I've attached a photo of the finish of that race.  It looks like Flou was falling right at the line.

Photo courtesy of FinishLynx and Cyberscoreboard
Flou kicks up some ice as he tries to stay on his blades and cross the line in the 500m quarterfinal

Heat 3 took out Ahn Hyun-Soo (Korea) so Satoru Terao (Japan) was advanced.  It was crazy!
In the Semi-Final round, Li Jiajun felt the wrath of the refs, but fortunately, no one was DQ'd in the final and Eric Bedard (Canada) got a silver medal in the distance!  I wonder if all these DQ's have anything to do with the poor ice conditions.  I've never seen anything like it.
There were no DQ's in the relay, however, and Canada took the lead for the men about 1/3 of the way into the race and lead for the remainder of it, which means that they are now in the final of the distance!  They will skate against China, the U.S. and Korea and this should prove to be a very interesting final indeed, especially with the refs seemingly so DQ happy.  No easy win there.  Stay tuned!
On the Personal-Coverage-of-Jonathan front, Park Da-Young, our Korean Correspondent, said that she "took so many photos of him.  YEAH!!!!  So I will send you all of these photos and video files next week."  She will be talking with Jonathan directly and capturing his comments about racing this weekend on video, and I will have them up for you as soon as she sends them and I can get them loaded onto the site!  THANK YOU DA-YOUNG, from all of us!



Friday, October 7, 2005
Oh, Martha!  Pack up the kids, we're going to the rink!  Noelle from has a correspondent in Korea named "Starangel" and I can't think of a better on-line name!  This gal recorded TWO HOURS of short track last night and put it up on the web.  If you'd like to see Jonathan's races, follow these instructions, provided on
ISU ========= (========)300k ←Click here
user ID - ngcoming
password - ch0224

Note - I had to use IE browser and install a bunch of plugins and a security upgrade before the video would actually play. This can be tricky when you don't read Korean! Just keep saying yes (hit enter) every time you get a prompt until the video starts after 3 or 4 times.

Also, Jonathan the Faithful Journal Guy has sent in the 2nd journal entry in as many weeks, this one from Seoul, talking about both the relay last week in Hangzhou and his performance yesterday in the 1500m.  He talks about his advancement in the semis and more.  Click October/Octobre, 2005, read and enjoy!


Seoul, Korea
Thursday, October 6, 2005
Well, it looks like it was an action-packed day at the short track, even if it was the middle of the night for some of us.  I was still at work when Jonathan's first heat was run, so I don't have the details on it, but I have the picture at the end of this article, and that says it all!  He took his heat in first, and you can't get much better than that!   I got home JUST in time to rush in, log on and get Live Cyberscoreboard up, and there was Jo, listed to skate next!  In his quarterfinal, he skated heat 1 on freshly resurfaced ice, starting out in lane 5.  He stayed in the middle of the pack of 6 skaters for a few laps, then fell to last for a lap or so.  Then he picked up the pace considerably and took the lead for a bit!  He finished the race in 3rd and qualified for the semifinals.  Excellent!
In his semifinal, Jonathan started in lane 3 and was in 3rd place for the first lap.  He made it up to to 2nd in lap two, went back to 3rd in lap three, then made it all the way up to 1st and held that position for the next 3 laps.  Then, for reasons unknown, he fell back all the way to 5th with seven laps remaining.  For the last 6 laps, he remained in last place and finished the race in 6th.
I haven't got the details yet on what happened or why, but Jo was advanced to the finals after finishing last.  Our Korean correspondent, Park Dayoung, will attempt to talk to Jonathan on Saturday and/or Sunday and get a quick comment on video from him about this race for all of you to view.  Here's wishing her luck!  If she's able to capture and send it, it will be posted here on the news page as soon as I receive it.  Also, I got a note from Jonathan saying, "I'll send a message tonight after my races."  Ya gotta love those journal entries!  I'll post it as soon as he sends it in.
The final for the distance had SEVEN people in it!!!!!  Typically, there are only five or sometimes six at this distance.  There were skaters from France (Chataignier), THREE Canadians (Turcotte, Hamelin and of course, Guilmette), a skater from the U.S. (Ohno) and two Koreans (Lee and Ahn).  Jonathan started off the race strong and in 1st place, holding the position for 2 laps.  He then went to 3rd, then back up to 2nd in the next 2 laps.  He held strong in 4th for laps 6-8, then went back to 5th with 5 laps remaining.  During the last 3 laps, he was in 6th, and Apolo Ohno came in just ahead of him at the line, but Ohno was DQ'd, which moved Jonathan's final placement in the 1500m up to 5th.  When Jonathan gained a spot in the ranking due to this DQ, he earned 5 points for the season in the distance.  I can only imagine the scene in the arena when the DQ was announced, as many Koreans have still not forgotten that Apolo was awarded the gold medal in this very distance in the 2002 Olympics when Kim Dong-Sung, a Korean, was DQ'd after finishing the race first.  This was Ohno's 1st trip to Korea since that infamous race.
In the 5000m relay, Canada was in 2nd or 3rd the first few laps of their heat, but about 10 or 12 laps in, they took the lead and held it for the remainder of the race, finishing it in 704.229 ahead of Italy at 7.05.324, then Belgium and Australia.  This 1st-place finish propels them into the semi-finals which will be skated tomorrow, along with the 500m.  Jonathan will likely skate in the relay, but is not scheduled for the 500m.  See you tomorrow, late-late-late!  (And for those who were in ozchatters, I couldn't get in tonight, but I tried repeatedly.  Hope you had fun there!)

Photo by FinishLynx on
Jonathan comes across the line 1st in his 1500m heat sporting polka-dots. Go Canada Go!


Wednesday, October 5, 2005
Ready for some more racing?  Well you're in luck!  The racing start time and heats have been announced, and Jonathan will again be skating the 1500m this weekend on the first day of competition.  He is set for Heat G against Eric I Cheng of Tapei, Fabio Carta of Italy, Benjamin Stuthridge of the Republic of South Africa and Matus Uzak of Slovakia.  Wow!  Who knew some of those countries even HAD short track?  Cool!  (Did you see on that there are 2 skaters from India this year, too?  Amazing!!)
In the 5000m relay, Team Canada is scheduled for Heat C with Australia, Belgium and Italy.  Since Seoul is 16 hours ahead of us (I gauge that by Pacific Time, which is my time zone), these races are being started on Friday there, but it will still be Thursday for a great many of us on this side of the world. 
Please adjust the times listed below according to your time zone.  A great place to do this is at  Everyplace from Abu Dhabi to Zürich is on that list ... literally!  Now here's the general schedule and start time.
Day 1  - 1500m

Thursday, October 6 at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time | 10:30 p.m. Central Time | 9:30 p.m. Mountain Time | 8:30 p.m. Pacific Time
There will be 4 rounds of men and 3 rounds of ladies

Day 2 - 500m

Friday, October 7 at 11:30 p.m. ET | 10:30 p.m. CT | 9:30 p.m. MT | 8:30 p.m. PT
5 rounds each of men and ladies

Day 3 - 1000m

Saturday, October 8 at 9:20 p.m. ET | 8:20 p.m. CT | 7:20 p.m. MT | 6:20 p.m. PT
5 rounds of men and ladies
Also, ozchatters, a chat group that, as their site puts it, is "a place for short track fans to hang out, chat and watch the races at oh-god-in-the-morning", watches Live Cyberscoreboard and the fans in the chatroom all chat about the results as they come in.  If you've never watched Live Cyberscoreboard, I highly recommend it.  It's AMAZINGLY fun, and they update the races a lap at a time, so you can see the lead change in print every few seconds.  Such fun!  So visit and apply for membership if you want to be a part of the chat, and go to to watch the live results.  I'll be at the chat, I'll just be arriving a bit late.  Hope to see you there!
Info in orange:  courtesy of and ozchatters



Hangzhou, China
Sunday, October 2, 2005


"In the men’s 5,000 relay, South Korea was the winner in 6:52.067, China second in 6:52.511 and Canada, which held the lead with five laps to go, third in 7:01.705. The Canadian racers were Jonathan Guilmette of Montreal, François-Louis Tremblay of Montreal, Mathieu Turcotte of Sherbrooke, Que., and Charles Hamelin of Ste-Julie, Que.

'Our goal initially was to not get the lead to early but we quickly realized the other teams had the same strategy,' said Hamelin. 'So we were in the lead which made it tough because we are not at peak condition and we tried not to go too fast. Most of the race went well but we had trouble on a couple of exchanges at the end and we got passed.'

The team is in the midst of some heavy training as it looks to peak for the two November World Cups in Europe at which the eight countries that compete at the Games will be determined."


Sunday, October 2, 2005
In the closing day of the ISU World Cup #1 of the season, Canada garnered the Bronze medal in the 5000m.  Charles Hamelin, Eric Bedard, Mathieu Turcotte and Jonathan Guilmette skated the final and came across the line in 7:01.70.  Against Korea's gold performance of 6:52.067 and China's silver performance of 6:52.511, this suggests a possible slip or fall, or that the extra-hard training that Jonathan referenced earlier (see Day One's news story below) took its toll.  But all that notwithstanding, you just can't keep Team Canada off that podium, and they got a Bronze nonetheless!  Great job, guys!!!
Many of you have written to ask why Jonathan only skated one individual distance, the 1500m, in this World Cup.  I have sent an email to him asking him just that, but my guess is that as this is the individual distance that Jonathan is tentatively scheduled to race in Turin during the Olympics, he skated only that distance in a World Cup in order to begin preparing for it.  As soon as I get clarification, I will let you know.
World Cup # 2 begins in Seoul, Korea next weekend on Friday, October 7th and will run through the 9th.  Jonathan has some amazing and generous fans in Korea, so I have contacted them to ask if they will be in attendance and if they might be willing to send us pictures again this year as they so kindly did last year.  Cross your fingers!


Saturday, October 1, 2005
Day two of the opening World Cup of the 2005/2006 season is complete, and even though Jonathan did not skate the 500m today, he helped bring Team Canada across the line in second so that they qualify for the 5000m relay final tomorrow.  He will skate again for Team Canada in the 5000m event against Korea, China and the United States, but is not scheduled to skate the 1000m tomorrow.
In the 500m today, Canada's Francois-Louis Tremblay won the bronze, with Li Jiajun of China winning gold and Korea's Ahn Hyun-Soo taking the silver.  Tune in tomorrow for the results of the last day of the World Cup opener.


Friday, September 30, 2005
Happy 1st Day of the Short Track Season to you all!  Well, after the nail-biting, nerve-wracking, hand-wringing Olympic Trials, I for one am glad to have the regular season start!  The first distance was skated today, and Jonathan finished 8th overall for the 1500m.  Good to start in the top ten!
He came in 2nd in his heat (see photo below) in 2:17.926.  In his quarterfinal he came in 3rd in 2:23.172, but was eliminated in the semifinals with his 3rd place finish.
"Our coach had planned some hard training [sessions] for us this week," Jonathan said of his week coming up to the opening World Cup race, "which we never do the week before a competition.  [In] my 1500m I did my best, but I did not feel great.  My legs were heavy from that week of super hard training.  Our coach had warned us that we would feel like that.  I still managed to do ok. But we expect better results in Europe."  To read all that Jonathan had to say about his Olympic Trials and his first competition of the regular season, click here on September / Septembre, 2005 for the journal entry he sent in.  It includes also his thoughts on his vacation and his plans for the European World Cups. 
In the relay, the first heat was skated today, and Jo helped bring Canada across the line first in their heat.  Skating continues tomorrow with the 500m (which Jonathan will not skate), and Team Canada will skate their semi-final in the 500m against Great Britain, Japan and the U.S.A.

Photo By FinishLynx
Jonathan comes across the line in 2nd in his 1500m heat