Photo Submitted by Raymonde Guilmette
Baby Jo having a ball! (Bad pun intended)

Raymonde:  Oh!  And you know, I have a page here from Jonathan’s baby book and it says here that at 6, 7 months he used to love to play with balls and balloons and a hockey stick!  When he was 1 year old he used to love that!  And what else?  What did I write?  Let me read in French.  (She reads aloud from the book to herself in French, then begins to translate.)  Yes!  A little ping-pong ball that he used to keep in his hand when he was 1 year old.  Also, everything that he could turn.  Everywhere there was a button (dial) he would turn it.  Television button, radio button, the wheels of the stroller.  He used to turn the stroller upside-down and turn the wheels and say “brrrrmmmmm, brrrrmmmmm, brrrrmmmmm.”  (She giggles to herself about this memory.)  Also, he had a truck that he could sit on when he was a baby, when he was about 1 year old, and he loved the steering wheel because it was just like in a real car.  He used to just LOVE to play with that.