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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Would you like to win an autographed 12 x 18 inch poster of Jonathan?  Who wouldn't?!?  Details on how to win one are on the Contests/Concours page of the site.  Just click the "Fun Stuff!/Amusement" button to the left, then click either "Contests" or "Concours" and it will take you to there.  Good luck to all!


March 19, 2005
My apologies to Jonathan and all of you.  Last season, when the news flashes that I receive about speed skating in Canada came out at the end of the season, the way they were written suggested that Steve Robillard was Canadian National Champion last year.  But this was not the case.  Now, while Steve did get the most points at the second of two team trials competitions, Jonathan finished first overall!  This means that ...
The home page has been changed to reflect this, and I send my thanks to Jonathan's family for setting the record straight.  The overall top 8 athletes last season in Canada were as follows:
1)  Jonathan Guilmette
2)  Steve Robillard
3)  Jean-François "Jeff" Monette
4)  Mathieu Turcotte
5)  Charles Hamelin
6)  François-Louis "Flou" Tremblay
7)  Eric Bédard
8)  Daryl Rasmussen
I'll try to keep a closer tab on this sort of thing in the future, and congratulations to Jo, although it's a belated congrats!


Sunday, March 6, 2005
I know that these have been an EXTREMELY long in coming, but at last, at LAST, I have two really great photo albums up ... from Saguenay, World Cup # 4 from this season, and also from Calgary, World Cup # 1 from LAST season!!!  My apologies for the delays in getting these up.  So much went into the sale preparations, which is why these took me so long.  But I have listened to your requests and sat down to take several hours to put these together for all of you.

I was just recently directed to the locations where I found excellent photos from both Noelle Neu of and also Tony Field's website (a Calgary photographer).  Many thanks to both of them for all the photos that they took.  The Saguenay album is two pages and the Calgary one is a whopping FOUR pages of photos!  All tolled, we've got over 50 new pictures on the site!

Next week, I'll have the up the Marquette album from last year's World Cup # 2 and hopefully new photos will be added to the Madison one soon,too.  AND, two members of the site from Korea have sent in or are sending in photos of Jo from Chuncheon, Korea where the World Team Championships were held last weekend!  Jonathan didn't skate, but these two fans got some excellent shots of him in street clothes, so a photo album will be made up of these soon, too!

To see the pictures, click on the photos below.  The first one is from Calgary and the second is from Saguenay.  Or, click on the ~Photo Gallery/Galerie de photos~ button and then select "# 1, 2003 - Calgary, Canada" and "# 4, 2004 -Saguenay Canada" under the WORLD CUP section.  Enjoy, and I look forward to finishing the other two albums for you soon!

Photo By Tony Field
Click on photo to go to Calgary Photo Album

Photo By Noelle Neu
Click the photo to go to the Saguenay Photo Album