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Les Archives, Janvier et Février 2005

(Things Are Really Hopping!)
Sunday, February 13, 2005
Due to Jonathan's amazing participation in the site (aren't we lucky to be fans of the most participatory skater out there?!?), we've got so much content that a bit of reorganizing was in order.  Also, the 1st year anniversary of  is coming up, so I decided that between his participation and the upcoming anniversary, I needed to straighten things up a bit.

Nothing has been deleted, but a few things have been moved or are temporarily "out of service".  When you visit the site next, you'll notice that several things have been moved on the main menu bar on the lefthand side of the site.  The most popular pages have been put closer to the top and ~Olympics/Olympiques '02~ has been permanently moved to the ~Photos~ page.

In addition, to create more room on the menu bar, Wallpaper, Buddy Icons, Contests and Games have all been placed onto one page called Fun Stuff!/Amusement!  When you click on ~Fun Stuff!~, you'll find links to the above-listed items.  ~Games/Jeux~ is currently under reconstruction, so it's temporarily unavailable, but will be back soonwith new games and puzzles.

Next, I will be interviewing Jonathan this coming Saturday, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask, just send them to and I'll try to get all your questions in.

Last, the items for the sale are going fast -- almost half of the items are already sold in just over 2 weeks and nearly 1,000 people have visited the store!!!  So if you want to buy something, get there quickly and shop while there are still items left!


Thursday, February 3,  2005
Jonathan has sent in his most recent journal entry and tells us all about his experience at the Canadian Trials this weekend in his own words.  (Who needs a news story when he's so thorough?)
Click on the ~Jo's Journal~ button to the left and select "February/Février 2005" to read it, and enjoy!



Thursday, January 27, 2005


Have you ever looked at a short tracker's Olympic Podiumwear and thought, "I wish I could have something just like that!"  Or maybe you've watched an elite skater glide around a perfect corner and thought, "But if only I had a really great skinsuit like that, THEN my skating would really take off ..."  Maybe you've just looked at a coat, a sweater or a hat and admired it, thinking it would be cool to own something like the elite skaters own ....




Jonathan Guilmette and Amélie Goulet-Nadon are selling some of their World Cup and Olympic clothing and athleticwear from 1996-2002!!!  These are not replicas of their clothing.  These are actual articles from their own, personal collection, and something that once belonged to them can now belong to YOU.  Plus, they're giving every person who buys something a surprise gift!


It gets even better.  They've agreed to autograph the items, and not just any autograph, either.  With the purchase of every item, you may request that Jonathan or Amélie autograph it to you in a specific location on the article itself.  Want a skinsuit autographed on the left outer calf?  Just ask!  Want a jacket autographed on the right upper arm?  Just say it!


Items are one-of-a kind (unless otherwise specified) and once an item is sold, there are no more of them.  So start shopping today!  Just click on the "Store" button underneath the "Breaking News/Les Nouvelles" button on the menu to the left.


Some of the pages have many photos, so if you have a slower speed browser or computer, please allow a few minutes for the pages to load.
Instructions for buying are much different from most sales and this is not an auction like e-bay.  Read and follow the instructions carfully after you click the "Buy Item Now" button to assure that your item goes to you and doesn't get sold to someone else (due to lack of information).

This sale is conducted solely by Jonathan Guilmette, Amélie Goulet-Nadon and André Guilmette (hereafter referred to as "They", "Them" or "Their".)  Any and all questions and correspondence about this sale should be sent directly to Them at  All items for the sale are in Their possession and shall remain so until such time as they are shipped to the Purchaser (herafter referred to as "You").  Items will not be shipped to You until payment in full for the item(s) as well as shipping is received in Their PayPal account and complete shipping information is provided to Them by You at the above-listed email address.  They are not responsible for lost or stolen items once the items are shipped and will not issue refunds or ship alternate items to replace items that may be lost or stolen once the purchased item(s) is/are in the possession of UPS.  Any claims for lost items that are shipped must be taken directly to UPS at 1-800-CALL-UPS or

Lori J. Bayne (hereafter referred to as "The Webmistress", "She" or "Her") is in no way associated with this sale nor is She responsible for any part of it.  The Webmistress placed the items for sale on this website at Their request and has linked the items for sale to Them.  She is in no way responsible for lost or stolen items or for items that are purchased and not received, nor are her family members, assistants, associates or friends.  The items for sale are not now nor will they at any time be in the possession of The Webmistress.  She is not hosting or conducting this sale, nor is She collecting the money for it or its items.  All monies paid for items go directly to Them.  She does not claim or assume responsibility for the contents and/or images on this site in regard to this sale.  She has built the webpages for this sale and linked items to Them at Their request, and there her associations with the sale end.  All photographs and descriptions in English and French were provided to Her by Them and They approved the layout and content of all the pages for this sale before the sale began.

Speed Skating Canada, Team Canada, any or all of its affiliates, sponsors, team members (with the exception of Jonathan Guilmette and Amélie Goulet-Nadon), associates and/or employees are in no way associated or affiliated with this sale.