Thursday, February 3, 2005  20:22 EST
Hi Everyone,
It's been a long time that I did not write here.  Now our Canadian Trials are over.  Like you probably know, I finished 6th overall of the 2 trials.  My 3rd position of the first trials saved me, but I had a tough week before the trials.  I had a neck problem and some blade problems.  I could not skate Monday before the trials because I had too much pain in my neck, but it got better and I was able to skate the next day.
My new blades kept changing for no reason, so the day before the trails I decided to come back on my old pair.  They were better.  I had a tough semi in the 1500m with Jeff Monette and Francois-Louis Tremblay.  I finished 3rd in that semi and could skate in the A Final.  I won the B final.
The next day in the 500m, it went pretty much the same way as the first trials.  I finished 13th.  My power is still lacking when I need to get some speed fast, because I did not do any weights all summer long (because of my back injury).
The third day in the 1000m I was feeling very good and I was getting more comfortable on my blades.  In my quarterfinal I had another very hard race.  It was me, Mathieu Turcotte and Steve Robillard.  It's a question of bad luck [who I skated against].  I got beat by 2 very good skaters again finishing 3rd, I could not make the first 3000m and could not compete for a position to skate at the Worlds.  I did win the B final of the 3000m though, to claim the 6th spot.  So this year, Canada sends 6 skaters to the Worlds.  I will go to the Worlds but will not skate there.  I'll help my teammates in training and watch the show during on the weekend.
Talk to you soon,