Jonathan_Guilmette : We don't know yet

     Kays75494 : oh ok

     Jonathan_Guilmette : We have our trials in a week

     Kays75494 : I see

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and they take the first 5 Canadians to go

     Kays75494 : those will go to the World Cup in Madison???

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and Saguenay

     Kays75494 : Oh I see

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Mataji, your next question?

     mataji1921 : Lance Armstrong's trainer has written a new book on nutrition.  Have you read it?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : no

     mataji1921 : Can I ask a follow up?

     Lori-Speed-Skate : sure!

     mataji1921 : You are a vegetarian I believe...what precautions do you take to ensure you get enough protein and balance your diet?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I am not a vegetarian

     Jonathan_Guilmette : But I don't eat a lot of meat

     Jonathan_Guilmette : there is protein in a lot of other things than meat believe me

     mataji1921 : OK...thanks.  Do you try to eat organic meats?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes, I try to eat organic meats

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Your turn, Olga 

     olga-StPetersburg : Just imagine... we (foreign fans) will come to Montreal to you! What will you show us there?

     olga-StPetersburg : hard question?

     olga-StPetersburg : sorry

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I think I would bring you to do a tour of many restaurants in Montreal

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes very hard questions

     olga-StPetersburg : ok

     olga-StPetersburg : and then

     Jonathan_Guilmette : to see the different influences of many cultures here

     olga-StPetersburg : any sightseeing?

8sonia has joined the conversation.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes

     Lori-Speed-Skate : sonia!  Welcome!

     olga-StPetersburg : what

     Jonathan_Guilmette : The old Part of Montreal

     Jonathan_Guilmette : it's very nice

     olga-StPetersburg : ok thanks

     Manager_FOJW :

     Manager_FOJW : (sonia)

     Manager_FOJW : (Lori's post about the chat)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : L'oratoire St-Joseph

     olga-StPetersburg : It must be very beautiful

     Jonathan_Guilmette : there are many things to see

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok, sonia, after you've read the post that Holly (Manager_FOJW) linked to, it will be your turn to ask Jo a question. 

     sonia : Lori, thanks.   Hi Jonathan, sorry - very late but just hope to have a chance to say: your comeback is amazing. I wish you a very safe and successful season.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Thanks

     Lori-Speed-Skate : So no question, sonia?

     sonia : Lori, sorry Norton is preventing me from reading the link.  I'll wait patiently for my turn!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : It's your turn now.

     sonia : oh ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : We're going alphabetically,

     Lori-Speed-Skate : and if you want to "raise your hand' so to speak,

     Lori-Speed-Skate : just type this:  !

     Manager_FOJW : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Now you wait, Holly.  ;o)  J/K

     Manager_FOJW : oish

     sonia : one question: You are popular with Korean fans. Did any of them express anything to you about your injury - one caused by their own skater?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Korean Fans.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Some wrote to me to say that they were angry that something like this happened

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     sonia : That makes you feel better I hope

     Lori-Speed-Skate : What about the Korean establishment?  Did any skaters other than Lee talk to you about it?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well, it's nice to see that people saw clearly what happened

     Jonathan_Guilmette : No

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and no coaches

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and nobody from the federation

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yikes

     sonia : that's appalling.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I think it took a lot of courage from Lee to come and talk to me, but I can't say the same from the coaches and the federation

    Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok Holly, your question, please.

     Manager_FOJW : not a very good example of sportsmanship

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Not at all.

     Manager_FOJW : What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Humm

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I don't know

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I don't keep a lot of things to myself

     Manager_FOJW : nothing?  Like playing a musical instrument as a child???

     Manager_FOJW : or did you ever run away from home?

     Manager_FOJW :   ;o)

     Manager_FOJW : typical childhood fun

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well, I've played trumpet as a kid

     Manager_FOJW : there you go

     Lori-Speed-Skate : cool!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : play us a song!  ;o)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Oh and I was in a Bowling League when I was young, (between 5 and 10 years old)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Manager_FOJW : hahaha

     Lori-Speed-Skate : What was your score like?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : That's a sad part of my life !!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : just kidding

     Lori-Speed-Skate : LOL!!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : well around 180

     Manager_FOJW : ouch

     Lori-Speed-Skate : ouch

     Lori-Speed-Skate :  ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok, you're up next, Kay.

     Kays75494 : This is a kinda strange question.  If you have a child (boy or girl) will you want him or her to pursue short track speed skating like you or not?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Whatever sport he or she will want to do

     Kays75494 : excellent answer, thanks!

     olga-StPetersburg : Good answer!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : hopefully not short track

     Jonathan_Guilmette : it's too dangerous

     Jonathan_Guilmette :  ;o)

     Kays75494 : Oh well true

     Lori-Speed-Skate : mataji?  your turn.

     sonia : I read about speed skiing today - 156mph is the WR - not that sport right?

     mataji1921 : OK...just a minute

     Lori-Speed-Skate : alright.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Cookie time! 

     Jonathan_Guilmette : maybe downhill or behind a car

     Jonathan_Guilmette :  ;o)

     sonia : hehe

     mataji1921 : Clothes..what kinds do you like to "play" in ?

     mataji1921 : Everyday stuff..

     mataji1921 : Apart from athletic gear

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well, I can tell you that I don't like the R&B style for the male

     mataji1921 :  ;o)

     Manager_FOJW : 'sup

     Lori-Speed-Skate : lol

     Manager_FOJW : hahaha

     mataji1921 : Like to be able to walk, huh?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I usually dress myself in European style clothes

     mataji1921 : Describe?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : more tight than the U.S. rapper

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I don't like big t-shirts

     Lori-Speed-Skate :

     Lori-Speed-Skate : scroll to the bottom of the page and there is Jonathan in street clothes.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : bottom row, sitting, far left

     Lori-Speed-Skate : 2 seasons ago.

     Lori-Speed-Skate :

     Lori-Speed-Skate : this past summer

     sonia : At Calgary in Tantra we overheard your teammates teasing you about your tight clothes ;P

     sonia : Your teammates seem fun

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes they are

     Jonathan_Guilmette : that's why it's fun to travel with them

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Olga, your next question, please.

     olga-StPetersburg : What do you think about Star Wars Episode III? Will you go to the cinema to watch it?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Sure I will go to see it

     Jonathan_Guilmette : But I don't expect it to be very good

     olga-StPetersburg : me too

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Why not?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : too much computer animation

     Jonathan_Guilmette : not enough real elements

     olga-StPetersburg : what's your favourite part?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Episode 4 5 6

     sonia : I love the 1st star wars - minimal animation

     olga-StPetersburg : good

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes

     olga-StPetersburg : Ok! I’m sorry! It’s too late here in St. Petersburg already and I want to sleep! Thank you, Jonathan for spending your time here with us!!! Thanks to everyone! Lori, it was really good!!! SEE YOU! Good luck, Jo!!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : thanks to you

     mataji1921 : TTTL Olga

     sonia : bye Olga

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Thanks for coming Olga!  It was great having you.  Great questions!!! 

     olga-StPetersburg : Bye!

     Kays75494 : Later, Olga, take care

     Manager_FOJW : bye!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Now go sleep.  ;o)

     olga-StPetersburg : Kisses

     sonia : we in California stay up link to watch FinishLynx results from Asia and Europe

     sonia : know how that feels

     Lori-Speed-Skate : So Sonia, what's your next question?

     sonia : oh... coming

     Lori-Speed-Skate : k

     sonia : I think this is just luxurious - to have a leisurely chat with THE JONATHAN. OK, next question: we've seen a photo of you at Worlds waiting to spray teammates with a hose. Are you a prankster and do you have a proud prank you'd like to brag about ?

 olga-StPetersburg has left the conversation.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : well, we always play jokes on each other

     Jonathan_Guilmette : that one was a good one

     sonia : that's great.  who's the biggest prankster?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Me and Mathieu Turcotte I think

     sonia : haha

     Kays75494 : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes Kay?

     Kays75494 : What about JFM?

     sonia : you are the big brothers on the team too

     Jonathan_Guilmette : We are the Veterans

     Kays75494 : yes

     sonia : who will skate in Madison?  hope you will

     Kays75494 : they don't know yet Sonia

     Kays75494 : ! Oh sorry

Lori-Speed-Skate :  :o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : you're forgiven ... hee, hee, hee (no worries)

     sonia : ahhh

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I have to go to a dinner tonight

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I will have to leave

     Kays75494 : It is getting late

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I'm sorry

     Lori-Speed-Skate : That's ok.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : It's great that you chatted with us for so long.

     Kays75494 : that is fine

     Kays75494 : Thanks so much, Jo!

     Kays75494 : this has been nic

     sonia : no problem.  thanks much for the time

     mataji1921 : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes, mataji

     mataji1921 : Bon Appetit!

     Manager_FOJW : it was very kind of you to spend time here

     sonia : mais oui

     Manager_FOJW : thanks!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : my pleasure

     Kays75494 : merci beaucoup

     Manager_FOJW :

     Manager_FOJW : my shameless plug

     Manager_FOJW : for my efforts

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Holly, you’re funny!

     sonia : bye everyone!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : see you soon

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Have a nice dinner.  And we'll see you next time.

Jonathan_Guilmette has left the conversation.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok, guys

     Lori-Speed-Skate : The transcript of this chat will be on the site

     Lori-Speed-Skate : on the interviews page hopefully within the week.

     Kays75494 : ok great

     Kays75494 : bye bye

     mataji1921 : Thanks so much Lori and Holly

     sonia : Thanks Lori and Holly

     Kays75494 : thanks to Lori and Holly!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : No problem.  :o)

     Manager_FOJW : this turned out really well

     Kays75494 : yes it did

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Thanks!

     Manager_FOJW : thanks to all of you ladies for being here today

     mataji1921 : I'm starved.  And gotta go sharpen my skates

     sonia : see you on the ice Susan

     Kays75494 : see ya later!

     mataji1921 :  :o)

     Manager_FOJW : bye!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Bye to all.  See you all soon!  :o)

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