mataji1921 : Are you trying out those new Bont blades?  If not what have you heard about them?  (races to kitchen to pull out cookies)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I did try them in September

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I felt like the metal was too hard for me.

     mataji1921 : ok

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : I haven't heard about the blades. What's new about them?

     mataji1921 : could I ask a follow Q on this?

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Sure, m.  Then it'll be Kay's turn again.

     mataji1921 : OK...thinking about your answer Jonathan.  Would you say you are more of a technical skater?  Need more flex in the turns?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well I am a technical skater

     Jonathan_Guilmette : And I think I need some flex in the blades

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Maybe because I don't weigh much

     Jonathan_Guilmette : But then, Mathieu Turcotte is skating on those and he weighs less than me

     Kays75494 : How is your puppy doing? I saw the pictures and he is adorable

     Jonathan_Guilmette : very good

     Kays75494 : that's great--he is so cute!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I have to take some new pictures, he has changed a little

     Kays75494 : oh I can't wait to see the new ones

     Jonathan_Guilmette : a little bit bigger

     Kays75494 : oh

     Jonathan_Guilmette : almost is adult size now

     Kays75494 : wow

     Manager_FOJW : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Go ahead, Holly

     Manager_FOJW : Do you get recognized off the ice a lot?

     Manager_FOJW : or only in Korea?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : a little bit in Quebec province

     Jonathan_Guilmette : but not often

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I don't really like to be on television

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok Mataji, your turn again.  Or are you in the kitchen with those cookies?  ;o)

     Kays75494 : ;)

     mataji1921 : My wonderful husband Ted is pulling out the cookies!

     mataji1921 : OK....What does Mathieu think about the Bont blades? Or do you know...

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I think he likes them

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I know some people changed back to Maples because their Bonts were not glued correctly

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : How were they glued?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : They were glued but then after a while they started to come unglued (the blades inside the tube)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : so the blades were changing a lot while you were skating with it

     Lori-Speed-Skate : That's not good!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yeah I know

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Olga, your next question?

     olga-StPetersburg : You look really great on TV!  Don't be so shy!  Now question... Do you have a close friend among your teammates?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes, Francois-Louis Tremblay is my best friend.

     Kays75494 : !

     Manager_FOJW : jfm?

     mataji1921 : lol at Kay

     olga-StPetersburg : Happy birthday to him!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes that's true, I called him this morning to say happy birthday

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes Kay?

     Kays75494 : He is such a cutie!

     Kays75494 : I think he is cute even though I am old enough to be his mother


     Lori-Speed-Skate : Jeremy or FL? (throw for a loop) ;o)

     Kays75494 : Flou

     Manager_FOJW : Jeremy of course

     Manager_FOJW : but I am biased

     Lori-Speed-Skate : LOL, Kay!

     Kays75494 : Sorry my bad

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok you 2 stop!  Ha, ha, ha!

     Manager_FOJW : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : go ahead Holly

     Manager_FOJW : Sock/Sock/Shoe/Shoe or Sock/Shoe/Sock/Shoe ?

     Manager_FOJW : when getting ready every day

     Jonathan_Guilmette : sock sock shoe shoe

     Manager_FOJW : yesssssssss!

     Manager_FOJW : sock sock shoe shoe is the only way to go

     olga-StPetersburg : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes Olga

     olga-StPetersburg : What are you talking about?

     Lori-Speed-Skate : She's asking how he puts his shoes and socks on in the morning.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Silly Holly.

     Manager_FOJW : the order in which the socks and shoes are put on

     olga-StPetersburg : ok

     Manager_FOJW : hey, this is quality information here

     Kays75494 : LOL

     Lori-Speed-Skate : You crazy nut!  ;o)

     Kays75494 : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes Kay

     Kays75494 : I am totally confused about who's birthday it is today and who I said was cute?

     Lori-Speed-Skate : I am too.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : ;o)

     mataji1921 : Kay they're ALL cute! 

     Kays75494 : YES! YES! YES! I AGREE!

     Kays75494 : You are ALL cute!

     olga-StPetersburg :   :o)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It's Francois-Louis Tremblay's Birthday

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and I don't know who is cute  ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : LOL!

     mataji1921 : what a “guy” comment

     Kays75494 : Oh please tell Flou Happy Birthday for me, ok.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : What is the most important thing that traveling and competing has taught you?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Wow, that's a hard question

     Jonathan_Guilmette : let me think

     Lori-Speed-Skate : ok

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I have to say, it taught me that there are some things more important happening on this planet than some people racing against each other on the ice.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Too true.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Excellent answer.  Thanks!

     mataji1921 :     :o)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It is still very entertaining

     Kays75494 : Very true. Jo.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : also true.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and I love to skate

     Manager_FOJW : it sounds like you have the right perspective on everything

     Manager_FOJW : it is a sport, but only one part of life

     Kays75494 : so true

     Jonathan_Guilmette : but some people or athletes (of whatever country) take sports too seriously.

     Kays75494 : yes

     Jonathan_Guilmette : You can see what I mean when you read that young Korean skaters hate what they are doing now.... anyway !!!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yeah

     mataji1921 : so sad

     Kays75494 : true

            Lori-Speed-Skate : Holly, your next question please

     Manager_FOJW : What CD have you been listening to recently?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : well, it's two Quebec artists

     olga-StPetersburg : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : yes Olga

     olga-StPetersburg : Do you know Bruno Pelletier?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes

     Jonathan_Guilmette : you know him ??

     olga-StPetersburg : Like his music?

     olga-StPetersburg : yes

     olga-StPetersburg : I like him very much

     Jonathan_Guilmette : not really, I don't !! ;-(

     Manager_FOJW : hahaha

     Lori-Speed-Skate : ha!

     olga-StPetersburg :  >:o(

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Poor Olga

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It's not my cup of tea

     mataji1921 : SusanG wonders if Jonathan is a secret Metallica fan

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Oh no !!!

     Kays75494 : !

     olga-StPetersburg : Ha!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I don't like them either

     Lori-Speed-Skate : LOL

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Go ahead Kay

     Kays75494 : I know a team mate of Jo's who likes Metallica.  Guess

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : So which 2 Quebec artists?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : well right now, it's a singer called: JAMIL

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and another named: Stephie Shock

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : What kind of music is it?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : the first one as really good text.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well the other one too

     Lori-Speed-Skate : You mean the words in the songs?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes

     Manager_FOJW : ok

     Lori-Speed-Skate : ah

     Manager_FOJW : lyrics

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes

     Kays75494 : !

     Jonathan_Guilmette : in French we say that they are text singers

     Kays75494 : is it slow music? like r and b?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : no

     Kays75494 : oh

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I am not a big fan of R&B

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and Rap

     Manager_FOJW : Wesley Willis?

     Kays75494 : Oh I'm not either but I love Metallica

     Jonathan_Guilmette :  ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Kay, it's your turn for a question now.

     Kays75494 : You've said you're doing better since your injury which is great. How are Amelie and Jeff Monette doing since their injuries. Are they 100% yet?

     Manager_FOJW : jfm (Jean-Francois Monette)

     Manager_FOJW : !!!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Well Jfm is doing well, he is not injured anymore

     Kays75494 : great

     Manager_FOJW : good to hear

     Jonathan_Guilmette : And Amelie will not skate in the next Canadian trials

     Kays75494 : Oh I am so sorry to hear that

     mataji1921 : ?

     olga-StPetersburg : Really sad!

     Kays75494 : Will she be in Madison for the World Cup?  I hope so

     Jonathan_Guilmette : she will be ready for the next trials

     mataji1921 :  :o(

     Jonathan_Guilmette : no, she will not be

     Kays75494 : oh I hate that

     Kays75494 : Will JFM?


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