On Saturday, November 13, 2004 at 3 p.m. EST, Jonathan graciously participated in a chat hosted by his website.  This was the first of a series of chats that the site will host, so if you couldn’t make it to this one don’t worry;  there will be more soon.

Before we get to the chat transcript, I’d like to take a moment to thank Holly who runs the site Fans of Jeremy Wotherspoon (Canadian Long Tracker) for agreeing to be the assistant moderator in this chat.  She’s run chats before on her site (a REALLY fun place to visit by the way) and there is no way that this would have gone so smoothly and been such a great experience for all in attendance had she not been there, behind the scenes, making sure that what needed to happen did.  THANKS, HOLLY!  Quite literally, I couldn’t have done this without you. 

You can visit Holly’s extra fun site for Jeremy (he participates in it with a journal, contests and posts on the message board) at

Now back to the chat with Jonathan.  To assure that each fan in attendance could ask Jonathan questions, 10 people were brought to the chat.  Some of them weren’t able to make it at the last minute, hence just the 7 names you see in the transcript. 

It was a cozy conversation, and Jonathan let us ask him questions for over an hour and a half!  At times in the chat was funny, he teased us now and again, talked about serious issues as well as things he did in childhood, skating, his future and more.  The thing that struck me was how he managed to be so personable with each member in the room, no matter what country they were from. 

I reorganized some of the responses to make it easier to read, but other than a spell check, the transcript remains the same.  Below is a message I posted on the chat site for the members to read ahead of time, and that helped the chat run smoothly.  Read it first and it will make all the exclamation points in the chat make a whole lot more sense.


Hi everyone!

Well, it’s chat time, and I just wanted to send out a bit of info for the chat.   If we all go by the ideas listed below, all should go smoothly and everyone will get an equal chance to talk with Jonathan.  Thanks!  :o)

        Please do not send Jonathan private messages in a separate window as this will keep him from participating fully in the group chat.  If you have more questions for him than the chat allows, feel free to email him at  He is very good about answering his email.

        The list of members for the chat in alphabetical order is:

Lori-Speed-Skate (Moderator)

                        Manager_FOJW  (Assistant Moderator)










In asking questions, we will go in rounds alphabetically from the top of the list to the bottom and then start over again.  Most of the time.  It isn’t realistic to think that none of us will have a question about a subject that Jo is discussing before it’s our turn to ask a question again.  So if you have a question and it’s not your turn, simply type an exclamation point ( ! ) and hit “enter” on your keyboard.  This will be like raising your hand in class and either Holly (the Assistant Moderator) or I will call on you to ask your question.

Well, this is really exciting, and I look forward to talking with you all.  Thanks for participating and helping to make that much better by participating in events held by the site.  And thank you for supporting Jonathan!!  :o)




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     Lori-Speed-Skate : Hey!

     Kays75494 : Hello Jonathan!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Hi !!

     Manager_FOJW : Howdy

     Manager_FOJW : This is Holly  (aka,

     Kays75494 : Hi Holly!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : The fan of Jeremy  ;o)

     Manager_FOJW : hahaha

     Manager_FOJW : hopefully not the only one, but you never know

     Lori-Speed-Skate : I've just added a message board that is temporary for this chat.  Everyone please read my post called "It's Chat Time".

     Kays75494 : Ok

     Jonathan_Guilmette : How do I read it ??

     Manager_FOJW :

     Manager_FOJW : right click on it

     Manager_FOJW : and open in a new window

     Manager_FOJW : Or left-click as it seems to spawn a window on its own

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Holly, ya so smaht!

     Manager_FOJW : HA

     Manager_FOJW : I rule!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Indeed you  do.  ;o)

     Kays75494 : I read it

     Kays75494 : COOL

     Manager_FOJW : How 'bout those Yankees?

     Kays75494 : Let's not talk about that

     Lori-Speed-Skate : This is NOT a baseball chat!  ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Besides, they lost ... YAY!

     Manager_FOJW : who said anything about baseball?

     Kays75494 : BOO!

     Kays75494 : yankeerosekay I am

     Manager_FOJW : Yesterday I saw a guy with a Billy Ray Cirus mullet.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : What??  Ok, I'll start a question for Jonathan.  Who is your best friend on Team Canada?

olga-StPetersburg has joined the conversation.

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Hi Olga!  You made it!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Francois-Louis Tremblay !!   ;o)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : We're just starting.

     olga-StPetersburg : Yep! Hi!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : that was an easy question  !!

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok, Holly, you ask one now.

     Manager_FOJW : What is your favorite place to compete?  (rink name or city)

     Jonathan_Guilmette : This is going to sound weird but ... I love competing in Korea

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Why?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : the fans are great there !

     Manager_FOJW : interesting choice

     Jonathan_Guilmette : They really love short track

     Manager_FOJW : so you enjoy a rowdy crowd when you compete?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I feel like a movie star when I go there !!  I love when the crowd is cheering very loud

     Jonathan_Guilmette : a little bit like soccer in Europe

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Salt Lake city was like that too at the Olympic Games

     Manager_FOJW :

     Manager_FOJW : (for Olga, click to open in a new window)

     Manager_FOJW : (Lori's post about the chat)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Kay, do you have a question for Jo?

     Kays75494 : are you excited about the World Cup coming up in Madison, Wisconsin?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : If there are as many people there as there were in Marquette it's going to be awesome

     Kays75494 : I hope so

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I have to say everybody was a little disappointed that it's not going to be in Las Vegas

     Kays75494 : !

     Kays75494 : I know I was disappointed too

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : But I thought the rink was too small in LV.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes, I think that's why they changed it

     Jonathan_Guilmette : unfortunately

     Kays75494 : I think so

     Manager_FOJW : Next question goes to Olga, since she hasn't gotten one in yet

     olga-StPetersburg : Hello again, Jo! I did it! I have a question! Do you have a dream?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Many !!

     olga-StPetersburg : What?

     Manager_FOJW : any ones in particular?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : many dreams

     Jonathan_Guilmette : My biggest on right now

     Jonathan_Guilmette : is to open up my restaurant in Montreal

     Jonathan_Guilmette : that's a big project

     Manager_FOJW : a raw foods restaurant?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yes

     Manager_FOJW : cool

     Lori-Speed-Skate : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : So what other dreams?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I would love to win more medals at the next Olympics

     olga-StPetersburg : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : go ahead Olga

     olga-StPetersburg : It's our dream too!

     Jonathan_Guilmette :  :o)

     Manager_FOJW : You certainly have a good chance to do so

     Kays75494 : !

     Kays75494 : Best of luck, JO!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : well I was not so sure about that after my injury

mataji1921 has joined the conversation.

     Jonathan_Guilmette : but now, things are going better and better each day

     Kays75494 : That is wonderful news!

     Manager_FOJW : That is good news

     olga-StPetersburg : Hey!  We believe in you!!!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I feel like myself again in training 

     mataji1921 : Susan G here Jonathan, welcome back!

     Jonathan_Guilmette : thanks

     mataji1921 : I'm baking walnut chocolate chip cookies for Madison even as we speak

     Jonathan_Guilmette :  :o)

     mataji1921 : I'll put some in a bag for ya

     Jonathan_Guilmette : yummy

     Kays75494 :  :)

     mataji1921 : I'm assuming your back is doing much better ... are you on your regular training schedule?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Yes, I am on a regular training schedule since September

     Manager_FOJW :

     Manager_FOJW : (for mataji1921)

     Manager_FOJW : (Lori's post about the chat)

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Ok, round 2.  How was it skating against Seung-Jae Lee again this season?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It was weird

     Lori-Speed-Skate : How so?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : at first

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I hated this guy so much all summer long

     Jonathan_Guilmette : but when I arrived in China, I did not feel the need for revenge

     mataji1921 : That's good for your soul Jonathan...

     Jonathan_Guilmette : then he came to talk to me to say that he was "so sorry" about everything after the competition

     Jonathan_Guilmette : and I could feel his pain

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I’m sure he was not very proud about what he has done

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It's more the coaches than him that I was angry against

Jonathan_Guilmette : because on their team they are the ones giving the instructions

     Manager_FOJW : Do you know of the accusations made about the coaches and their treatment of the Korean women skaters?  Do you think this is true?

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I saw that on the internet

     Jonathan_Guilmette : I am not surprised at all. Then nobody can be sure if it is true but.....

     Jonathan_Guilmette : they did not look very happy in China even if they were winning everything

     olga-StPetersburg : !

     mataji1921 : !

     Lori-Speed-Skate : Olga, go ahead (then you mataji)

     olga-StPetersburg : It was terrible, I think! What do you think about training system in Asia??

     Jonathan_Guilmette : Asia is fine

            Jonathan_Guilmette : it's in Korea really

Jonathan_Guilmette : it's not the same way in China and Japan at all

     olga-StPetersburg : I meant Korea

     olga-StPetersburg : It's too strict

     olga-StPetersburg : or cruel

     Jonathan_Guilmette : It's a different culture

     olga-StPetersburg : true

     Jonathan_Guilmette : it's very difficult for us to understand it

     Manager_FOJW : true

     Lori-Speed-Skate : mataji, your question please

     Jonathan_Guilmette : But I still don't approve if they beat the athletes

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