Sunday, October 31, 2004
Team Canada placed 3rd in today's 5000m distance, earning a bronze. 
Guy Thibault, Head Coach for Team Canada had this to say about the relay and the team's overall performance for the weekend.  "We made some mistakes and some bad exchanges cost us.  It was very close. We’re still fine-tuning the relay, we have guys who haven’t skated together all that much but we’re confident that as they gain more and more experience and polish their skills it should get interesting. We’re certainly better than what we’ve shown so far.  It’s hard to say that we’re totally satisfied with our performances.  But with all the injuries we’re simply not 100%. It’s going to do us a lot of good to get home, train some more and then have some World Cups in our back yard."
(November 3) Also, I'd like to apologize to everyone for taking a long time to get news to you this weekend.  Here in the U.S., we had a major election and I felt it necessary to work for the candidates I felt were best qualified so that they could get elected, so news about Jonathan should be posted on schedule from now on, now that the election is over.  Thank you for your patience.
Quotes Courtesy of:  Speed Skating Canada


Saturday, October 30, 2004
Jonathan did not skate today except in the semi-finals with Team Canada in the 5000m relay, and I'm pleased to announce that in their semi-final race, Canada came in first.  Their final will be tomorrow against China, Korea and the United States.  No photo has yet been published on Cyberscoreboard of the semi-final race which is why there are no photos up today.
More tomorrow when racing concludes.


Friday, October 29, 2004
Jonathan skated the 1500m today and came in first in his heat.  He was eliminated in the semifinals to place 11th overall for the distance at this competition.  He's currently 7th in the world in that distance after 2 competitions and has 81 points.
In the 500m, Steve Robillard anchored the team (and Jonathan skated with the team today, too), Canada turned in a great performance to win their 5000m heat in 6:59.32.  Well done to all 4 who skated, Guilmette, Robillard, Charles Hamelin and Jean-François "Jeff" Monette.  Their next performance will be against Italy, China and Great Britain in the semi-finals, heat 2.
Click on the photo below for full results of the 1500m heat in which Jonathan placed first, and stay tuned for more news from Beijing tomorrow.  (Actually, the 500m heats and semifinals are already completed ~ his teammates Turcotte and Monette made it to the final.)  I'll keep you updated on the team's 5000m distance, so come on back soon!
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Photo Courtesy of:  FinishLynx

Photo Courtesy of FinishLynxe
Jonathan crosses the finish line first in the 1500m heat


Thursday, October 28, 2004
Beijing is upon us and it looks like Jonathan is at least tentatively scheduled to skate 1 race, the 1500m.  Here is the breakdown of his possible race schedule for this weekend.  Click on the Cyberscoreboard icon below the race times for LIVE lap action during the races.
1500M             Heat # 6
500m               Not scheduled to skate
1000m             Not scheduled to skate
5000m Relay  Heat # 3 Team Canada against Germany, Italy & Ukraine


Monday, October 25th, 2004
Best perfomance this weekend overall for the Canadian men ... Jonathan Guilmette!  After coming back from 2 back surgeries this year, not only did Jonathan turn in the best performance on his team, he placed 8th overall in the world in the first World Cup of the season.  Unbelievable!  (Well, actually, just par for the course with this guy.)
In his 1000m heat, he came in 2nd, in the same distance he qualified for his quarterfinal in 3rd, and then in the QF, he just missed qualifying for the semis by approximately 1/3 of a skate blade and only 11/100ths of a second against Apolo Ohno and Seung Jae-Lee.  Photographs are taken from both sides of the ice at the finish line (in case the body or leg of someone blocks the view of another skater's blade crossing the finish line), and it looks like they had to refer to camera two on this one to determine the qualifying skaters because it was so close.
In the 5000m relay, Jonathan helped Team Canada skate to a silver medal in the final.  The photo of that race and his 1000m races are all shown below.  And starting today, all FinishLynx photos that are posted on this site will be picture links.  Just click the photo to be directly linked (in a new window) to full results for that particular distance and round.
Whether or not Jonathan will skate next weekend in Beijing remains to be seen.  He has been offered the opportunity if he wishes to take advantage of it.  After the second World Cup, the first of three Canadian Nationals for the season will be held 2 weeks later in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so we'll see more skating from him in November either way.
Continued great luck to you Jo, and keep up the amazing work!

Image Courtesy of: FinishLynx
Jonathan qualifies for the heat behind Song Kyung-Taek of Korea & in front of U.S.'s J.P. Kepka.

Image Courtesy of: FinishLynx
Jo qualifies for the Quarterfinals in 3rd behind Rusty Smith and Li Yi.

Image Courtesy of: FinishLynx
Apolo qualifies in first and Seung Jae-Lee just barely beats out Jo by only a 1/3 blade's length!

Image Courtesy of: FinishLynx
Jo crosses the line to capture the silver for Team Canada in the 5000m relay!


Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
In day 2 of World Cup short track, Jonathan placed 13th in his 500m race out of 41 competitors --  a great performance for having had the pins and hardware from March's surgery removed from his back only 2 short months ago!  He finished first in his preliminary race and first in his heat, but was unfortunately eliminated in his quarterfinal race.
Team Canada qualified in second in their 5000m semifinal, clocking 7:08.53 and Jonathan skated in that race.  Their placement pushes them through to the finals tomorrow where the team will skate against China, the United States and Korea.
Photos of Jo's prelim and heat from Finishlynx can be seen below, and racing continues tomorrow (see news story "World Cup Circuit Opens" below for times).
Statistics courtesy of Speed Skating Canada

Photo Courtesy of FinishLynx
Jo finishes first in his preliminary race for the 500m

Photo Courtesy of FinishLynx
Another good race, Jonathan comes in first in his 500m heat.


Friday, October 22nd, 2004
The first results and photo of the season are in!  Jonathan is back on the ice and turned in a nice performance.  He was unfortunately eliminated in the semifinals, but came in 1st in his qualifying heat.  (See photo below this article).  Jonathan did not skate for Team Canada in the 5000m heat, but Canada won their first heat to advance to the semifinals.
In regard to his 1500m race, Jonathan said, "I didn’t have a very good race in the semis and I certainly had the capabilities to best those guys.  I came in here with no expectations but I think I underestimated how well I could skate here."
Well, we know you can do it!  Great luck to you Jo, on the rest of your skating this weekend and throughout the remainder of the season!
Quote Courtesy of Speed Skating Canada.  Results Courtesy of  Photo Courtesy of FinishLynx

Photo Courtesy of FinishLynx
Jo's skates across the line first in his 1500m heat


Friday, October 22nd, 2004

This weekend ... wait ... TODAY skating begins!!!  After waiting all summer to see how Jonathan's back operations went, the world cup circuit is upon us again and Jo is scheduled to skate for the first time in major competition since his crash last season in Sweden (click on the March news archives above for details).  And check THIS out!  Cyberscoreboard is going LIVE!  You can see the results in real time by clicking on the Cyberscoreboard animation below:

In the U.S. and Canada, we are 15 hours behind China on the west coast and 12 hours behind on the east coast, so adjust your schedule according to your time.

Jonathan is scheduled to skate in:

Preliminary Heat # 6 in the 1500m

Preliminary Heat # 1 for the 500m

Preliminary Heat # 2 in the 1000m

and Team Canada will skate Heat # 1 in the 5000m relay. 

Now here are the times for skating in Harbin, China, and I've listed only Eastern Time:

Day One ~ Friday, October 22nd
Skating starts at 7:00 a.m. and goes until approximately 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Day Two ~ Saturday, October 23rd
Skating starts on our Friday Night and it goes through Saturday Morning ~ 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time (Oct 22) through 4:00 a.m. (Oct 23) Eastern Time

Day Three ~ Sunday, October 24th
Skating starts at 4:00 a.m. and goes until approximately 
9:00 a.m. Eastern Time

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