Monday, May 24, 2004  01:14 EST
Hi everyone,
I am doing very good right now. I  don't have my back brace anymore. I am able to tie up my shoes alone now !! ;-)
I was doing so well that I decided to take a vacation with my girlfriend.  I just came back from Cuba 2 days ago. I was there for 1 week with an "All inclusive Package" at a beach resort.  It was so relaxing (physically and mentally).  Nothing to think about for a week and sitting on the beach, it can't be bad. ;-)
We were lucky to have 7 days of great weather.  The sun was so warm, it was a good thing it was a little windy near the sea.  We rented some mopeds one day and we went into a little Cuban village to eat some lobster with a Cuban family (in their house).  It was pretty cool. They were so nice to us.
Now that I am back in Montréal, I will start training tomorrow.  Before I left I did some in-line skating and I was so happy to be able to skate again.  My back still needs a little bit more flexibility to bend forward for speed skating but it was pretty good.  I will try again tomorrow.  I am sure it will be much better after a week in paradise.
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Photo Submitted by Jonathan Guilmette
Back looks like it's healing GREAT! Jonathan relaxes and looks out at the waves.